Fairytale about PhD Career Stories

phdcareerstories_logo_600pxI have always loved a good story and lately I have been having a love affair with podcasts. So I was one of the over thousand people who have downloaded a new PhD Career Stories podcast. Shortly thereafter, I had the pleasure to attend the podcast’s official launch on 29th of September 2016.

Let me tell you a story I heard there, a story about a princess, Tina Persson and her talented crew of friends – Michele Manzo, Maria Sjögren, Olesia Snezhkova and Paulius Mikulskis. One day, in a midst of a long and treacherous journey through the kingdom of Academia, princess Tina decided that she was longing for new adventures. She wanted to explore the wild lands beyond the kingdom she grew up in and knew so well. So she packed without much of a plan and took off into the Land Beyond, trying to find career outside of Academia. This adventure is captured in the first episode of the PhD career stories podcast.


The launch was a merry celebration. I was enchanted by the former princess Tina, now queen of the PhD Career Stories land, and her team. Their vision is clear – to document and share experiences of PhD students attempting to make the journey from a career in academia to one outside. In other words, the same journey Tina has made. In the podcast they also share practical tips (such as boosting your online presence, or altering your CV) of the first explorers, so that her followers would have an easier journey. Tina realized many PhD students feel uncomfortable sharing their story, since venturing outside of the kingdom of Academia might be seen as a failure. However, some report that 97% of us will not become professors and thus have to explore the lands beyond. By starting the podcast Tina wants to make this experience visible and helpful to others.

Each member of the team is someone Tina met along her way, who possessed some magical skills needed for the project. For example, Olesia’s wizardry is design while Maria’s communication and publicity. They are all energetic and hold the belief that stories should be shared. And there are so many stories to share and for us to listen to!


I highly recommend taking a moment to tune in and listen to what other have experienced during their adventures touring from Academia to the Land Beyond. Research shows that listening to stories, may synchronize our brains – and hopefully will synchronize yours for success if you are facing a similar journey yourself.


My humble PhD Around the World project (which I will pick up again soon!) is similar to the podcast, but I share the adventures of current PhD students. You can check out my earlier posts to learn about PhD studies in the Czech Republic or Switzerland.

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