What if I felt exhausted about my research

It has been a while since my last post. Well, actually I made only one blog in 2015. I feel terribly sorry about it. It is just about my research that overtakes my energy and life, thus pushes me away from social media.

However, last Thursday, I and other two bloggers joined a workshop with Natalie, who is helping us with KI blogs. After the workshop, I realized that it is important to find my energy back and keep updating my blogs about my life as a PhD student/researcher at KI.

So, what really happened in the workshop?

Adapted from Google

It was a funny experiment that we interviewed each other!

Terry.Fei: Hi Yongtao, How was your summer vacation?

Yongtao: Wonderful! I was in New York and everything there was exciting…

Terry.Fei: Jenny, would you like to stay in Sweden after your Postdoc?

Jenny: I guess not. I miss my family in England…

Jenny: Fei, you mentioned that you felt exhausted by your research this year. So what did you exactly do when you feel unhappy with your research, and how do you feel now?

Terry.Fei: Well, I work on epidemiology and statistics. There is a project that I’ve been working for quite a while that involves 9 research teams all over Sweden. I have tried to pool answers together from people who participated in different questionnaires in those 9 research teams. Afterwards, I need to analyze those answers for my specific research question. You know, people really do answer differently and they can give different answers over time. It took me so much time to figure out the best proper way of analyzing them. Back to your question about what I did when I felt exhausted about the research – I kept working on it until I found out the answer!


I admit that this is not a good way of dealing with stress. But research sometimes does give us obstacles and I, as a researcher, have to solve the problem in order to answer the question!


One thought on “What if I felt exhausted about my research

  1. Terry.Fei, it is a common experience to be overwhelmed or somehow lost during your PhD. Many people go through this process but few dare to discuss it. Luckily, some people do speak up (like you) or try to create help for PhD students; for example, Inger Mewburn, director of research training at the Australian National University in Canberra started a course on the edX platform that is dedicated to helping students develop psychological resilience: https://www.edx.org/course/how-survive-phd-anux-rsit-01x#! You can only imagine, how common these experiences are, if somebody decided to make a course dedicated to it. Good luck with your PhD!

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