Let´s meet up at Meetup

Hi there!

Do you know about the fantastic social networking platform Meetup? If not, you should keep on reading. Meetup is a platform that allows members to create online groups and arrange offline group meetings that members can participate in. The variety of groups is huge. It can be a group for cooking enthusiasts to meet and cook together or a group for people who wants to get together and do some fun activities in the city. It can also be a group for professionals. People who work in a certain industry can create a group and arrange meetings that gives them the opportunity to meet and share experiences. If you live in Sweden, then you have to join the Stockholm Weekend Fika Group. The group meets on Saturday mornings to eat breakfast together and to socialize. For people who just moved to a new country or city, Meetup is a great place to quickly get in touch with other people.

I´ve been a member for two years. Most of the group meetings I´ve participated in have been related to entrepreneurship. But recently I joined and participated in the Language Exchange – Stockholm group meetings. As you might have guessed, it´s a group for those who wants to learn or improve their language skills by having a conversation with other participants. Last week, I participated in a group meeting for people interested to improve their Swedish. Now some of you might wonder why I attended this meeting since I´m fluent in Swedish. I didn´t attend this meeting to learn Swedish, I attended this meeting to volunteer as a helper. As a helper, I answer questions and correct people´s grammar while they are conversing with each other. So far, it has been quite fun to volunteer. But what I´ve come to realize is that I don´t really know all the rules in the Swedish language. When I speak Swedish, I don´t need to think. It comes naturally. So when the Swedish learners have difficulties in distinguishing between two words that have very similar meanings, it takes a while for me to give them a proper explanation on how and when to use these words. Because I´ve never thought about it, it just comes naturally when I speak. So it´s a learning process for me as well.

So if you live in Stockholm and would like to improve your Swedish skills, join the Language Exchange – Stockholm group and attend the Basic + Intermediate Swedish group meetings. We meet every Sunday between 16.30-18.00 in Café Art in Gamla Stan. Our meetings are very laid back and usually lasts longer than 1.5 hours because you always get into interesting conversations with people you have never met before. Last meeting lasted for 3 hours! So if you are interested, you are very welcome to come and be part of the community! It´s free!



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