Days of Molecular Medicine 2015 – Translational Science and Medicine (an ecosystem)

Finally it feels like summer in Stockholm with longer daylight everyday. This Thursday and Friday, DMM 2015 meeting, entitled “Partnerships in Translational Science and Medicine: Academica, Hospitals, Foundations, and the Private Sector” was held at Aula Medica. As “one world’s most prestigious conferences in translational medicine”, excellent keynote speakers include Göran Hansson, Keeneth Chien, Susan Solomon, Alain Fischer, Frederick Dewey, Ricardo Dolmetsch from Novatis, Mene Pangalos from AstraZeneca etc. I am particularly happy to have to opportunity to listen to the names influential to my research and appeared in textbooks. Jean-Pierre Changeux who established the concept of allosteric nicotinic receptors and Eric Reiman on Alzheimer prevention. anders hamstenJean-Pierre ChangeuxEric Reimanmene pangalos Ricardo Dolmetsch


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