Endless nights in the office, ready-meal allergy and Colorado

So I have not written anything in ages… and I will not write anything of value now…but I will conclude 3 things;

1. Responding to reviewer comment are not at all as straight forward as I might have expected.  It turns out it takes a long time, resulting in endless night in the office which in turn (like a bad domino effect) leads me to my second all important conclusion…

2. I am allergic to ready meals! Naturally, late nights at work means dinner from the frozen food section in the fridge at at work. Granted, I’m a bit of food snoob so this might be psychosomatic, but (and this is, I am sure,of great interest to anyone reading this) whatever chemical they put in there makes my face go completely red!#doomedtoorganicfood #luxuryproblems

3. I am going to COLORADO on Saturday for the (drumroll please)


I am also spending a week cultivating my inner luberjack by hiking around in the Rockies, skiing and swimming in hot-springs. So excited for both these parts of the trip!!!!

Updates and pics will absolutely be posted


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