God Jul! Perfekt Julbord!


Christmas is finally coming, the 2nd time to celebrate Xmas in Sweden

In Swedish, Chirstmas is ‘Jul’, the ‘Julbord’ (Christmas dinner) mostly attracted me, after the fantastic ‘Julbord’ in our department last week, we also planned to prepare the ‘Kinesisk Julbord’ to celebrate Xmas with my Chinese friends, we listed 12 dishes and gave some special names to them, but finally we just finished parts of them, and add hotpot instead.

1st – “Open Sesame, 芝麻开门”, a traditional cold drink in the summer in my hometown. Including black and white sesames, so its name was from a magical phrase in the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” in One Thousand and One Nights.

psb (7)

2nd– “Ture love between Black and White”, 真爱黑白配, also a cold dish incuding Auricularia auricula-judae (black wood ear) and Flammulina velutipes (whilte golden needle mushroom).

psb (2)

3rd– “Green snake enter into the sea,青蛇入海”, made of cucumber, sugar and vinegar


4th – “Two dragons snatch for one pearl,双龙戏珠”, one dragon was made of potato, the other one was made of carrot, the pearl was made of pork, which had the same pronunciation with pearl in Chinese.

psb (6)

5th– “Two mandarin ducks were tumbling merrily in the water,鸳鸯戏水”, two types of hotpot in one pot, one was spicy, one is not spicy, also like Chinese Bagua plot.

psb (1)

Thanks for my friedns Yuan Zhang to record these fantastic dishes for me.

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