Larger samples, more power and stronger motivation

Last week, my supervisor and me attended the 15th International Congress on Twin Studies in Budapest, and presented my first PhD study as poster and my second study as oral presentation. Actually this was my first international presentation, prepared for about 1 week, with certain worries and irritations, I flied to Budapest and gave my presentation on the second day, my own feeling was that it was ok, not the best, but also not the worst.

With twin faculties 
Until received this award, I just know Galton (1822-1911) created the statistical concept of correlation and widely promoted regression toward the mean, he was also the cousin of Douglas Strutt Galton and half-cousin of Charles Darwin/

But exceeding our expectations, on the close ceremony, when I was just wondering where to eat my lunch and go around the Budapest city, they pronounced my name and gave the Galton Award to me, so surprised! Just like Chinese slang I was the ‘lucky guy who stepped in dog shit’, or ’many things grow in the garden that were never sown there’, at first, I just want to learn more frontier knowledges in twin studies since the next meeting will be held in Oct, 2017 in Spain, but anyway, I will keep on or even do much better in the future.


My presentation was ‘Causes of Variability and Correlations among Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease’, by comparing the classical twin model and genome-wide common SNPs model, was not very complicated, our major conclusion was the fraction of additive genetics captured by common SNPs may be often underestimated due to difficulties to partition additive and dominance genetics by twin model in smaller samples. So the larger sample size of Swedish Twin Registry allowed us to get more power to detect genetic dominance and this conclusion. But we also found more analyses need to perform to support our conclusions, just like meta-analysis, sex-limitation model…… completely new methods for me, but now I get super strong motivation to learn and apply them into my study, hope everything goes well.

Veritable twin city- Buda & Pest, beautiful scenery and delicious food and cheap prices!


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