Bad Ambassador

”I’m gonna abseil down my Ivory Tower

And buy myself a jaguar

I’m a bad ambassador

For that elusive place you’re looking for…”

These are part of the lyrics of a song I named this blogpost after, and they explain everything.

Yes, I am abseiling from the Ivory Tower. For those of you who still don’t know what this term means, redirect yourselves to the Wikipedia page, or read my lips: it signifies the intellectual state of being in which the academics dwell.

I am not, however, buying myself a jaguar (yet).

And yes, I have (probably) been a bad ambassador. In this online community of Karolinska Institute researchers, we, ”Digital ambassadors”, strive to promote our alma mater’s values and accomplishments. I’m not saying that I have done the opposite… the truth is, I haven’t really done it at all.

So, before this message self-destructs, let me recount the various aspects of my KI experience which I haven’t covered (properly):

  • My amazing research on breast cancer, only mentioned in passing here and here
  • My amazing research on arsenic and DNA methylation… hell, while writing this blogpost about the significance of the number 33, I even forgot that arsenic’s number in the Periodic System of Elements is 33! And I thought about it earlier this year! For shame.
  • The amazing work and initiatives of KI Postdoc Association

    KI Postdoc Association logo, done by Yours Truly.
  • The amazing work and initiatives of the KI Junior Faculty
  • The amazing work and initiatives of the KI Career Service (including this very blog, this blogpost, this internship and that internship)
  • The amazing re-shaping of the Institute’s architecture, both in Solna and Huddinge campuses
    The future(-istic) look of KI Campus Solna.

    The future(-istic) look of KI Campus Huddinge (yes, the new building’s name is Neo).
  • and of course The Nobel prize.

… and probably many, many more. But, no time, gotta run, ”in the distance, foreign mountains, one of those rivers calling me”!

That’s all, folks! And remember the mighty words of “dr” Leo Spaceman:

dr leo😛

To be continued… elsewhere 😉

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