The myth of makeup is not a myth

Even though many wear makeup, if you put these words in Facebook, almost no one will click the “like” button –“When you are above 20, You are not beautiful if do not wear make up”. Somehow this is said at a cosmetics conference to boost selling.

Makeup is about exaggerating some features (such as redder lips and bigger eyes) and concealing the non-perfections (such as un-even skin). Interestingly, you can pretty much make red lips and darkened eyelashes as much visible as you want. Those perceived as feminine. Because the woman’s lips naturally becomes redder during ovulation and intercourse because of increased blood flow. Even more, red lips plays positive role boosting career—this is conducted by Nacy Etcoff at Harvard, that woman ranked as more competent when they wore more visible make up, compared with when they wore little or none.

The myth of makeup
The myth of makeup

However, to the other extreme, if you wear too noticeable concealer or foundation, it gives negative focus—you are seemly hide something, such as certain disease.

So, the myth of make up is purely EVOLUTIONARY. All the facts linked to make up are about attraction, sexuality and healthiness, which eventually lead to reproduction of more offspring. That is how nature works.

My personal opinion about make up: as long as you feel good, does not matter if you wear make up or not, this is valid for both WOMAN and MAN.

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