The power of habit

Now you are reading a book review “The Power of Habit”. The fact is, I just want to put the book in the office or whatever and let anyone read it: my friends, my colleague, my children. Because, the book can indeed inspire and change your life! The fact is The Power of Habit spent over 60 weeks on The New York Times’s bestseller lists.

The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg is the author, he is Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter. In my eyes, he has the blood of a researcher, and writing skill of a journalist.

In the book:

Why is Pepsodent one of the dominator in toothpaste market? How they make a habit of the customer brush their teeth everyday 50 years ago?


How does the trainer make it a winning football team by training the players just to follow a program?

How does Starbuck’s coffee succeed? What is their routine for the employee?

The comments
The comments


How does N’neill make the company, Alcoa, very profitable, by starting only focusing on one thing: the worker’s safety?

You will find the answers in this book.


Good habit is a chain reaction, for example, when you start to do exercises, you also start to think about healthier food. When you get a reward from a good habit, you can keep it.

Can we keep a good habit?

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