Top 3 Halloween costumes that scare all PhD students

Halloween is just around the corner. Probably this weekend you will go to some Halloween party. But then you might have the usual problem – what should be your costume? If you go to party with a lot of PhD students and you want to frighten the hell out of them – here is my list of top 3 Halloween costumes that scare all PhD students.

Number 3: Public Presentation

Public Presentation
Public Presentation

This simple costume can be assembled very easily. Just go to the nearest seminar room and grab a few things. Speaker podium, pointer (either stick or laser pointer for advanced version) and some microphone. If you want to scare your PhD student friends even more – dress as Public Presentation on a Big International Conference – effect guaranteed.

Number 2: Mr. Deadline

Mr. Deadline.
Mr. Deadline.

All PhD students are deadly scared of deadlines. So if you want to be a highlight of a Halloween party this year – put on the Mr. Deadline costume. You can modify yours to be specific kind of Mr. Deadline – maybe Mr. Halftime or even worse – Mr. Thesis Defense? Uuu, the last one is pretty nasty…

Number 1: Bad Project

Bad Project
Bad Project

Ok, so the last proposition is extreme. Use this costume ONLY if your friends are resistant to fear and terror in the worst form. Bad Project is something that scare all PhD students without exceptions. Nobody want to meet the Bad Project. The legend says that if you say n times (n=3) “bad project” to the mirror – you might get one. So be careful!

Happy Halloween and what is your nightmare costume ;)?


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