Lisbon immersion

Life as a scientist has many advantages. As Jakub has written in August, one of the greatest ones is the fact that you can travel for international conferences and meetings!

While the weather in Stockholm seems to be a bit cold and wet, and the sky quite gray, I was given the opportunity to spend few days in Lisbon, Portugal, thanks to my research project. Needless to say, the weather was marvelous. I have spent three days there, wearing T-shirts and ballerinas instead of thick scarfs and boots!

The opportunity to see, or rather should I say experience, Lisbon was even better than the weather. The city brought up memories from Berlin, Barcelona and India, all in the same time. It swiped me of my feet with great see food and deserts. But the best were the views, like for example this sunset and a panorama view from the castle.

DSC_8913 DSC_8946

The city was vibrant, full of smells (not always nice) and bombarding my senses with cute architecture,…


unusual city vehicles:) …

DSC_8830 DSC_8816


and colorful graffiti. Actually, I have made so many photos of graffiti that I could make a separate post just about that.


It was for sure not my last time in lovely Lisbon!

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