Just reviving from summer vacation

Long time no see!

Haven’t been completely sober from the sequels of the 4 weeks homeward vacation this summer, I have fallen into the dilemma of whether go back again in this Xmas, what a pity! So I decided to catch up on these overdue blogs as well  as my studies.

This July, I had taken the longest vacation (4 weeks!!) since 2009. Unable to resist the appetite for the delicious Chinese food, I flown back to China and stayed with my parents. In these days, I was fed with different meats by my Mummy, and finally I gained 8kg in these 4 weeks.


The most exciting thing was the tour I paid for my parents, we traveled about 4000km to Inner Mongolia, We experinced the traditional culture of Mongols in the wide open spaces of the prairies, and also arrived Manchuria, the city on the border of China and Russia.


This extremely long vacation made me be rusty on my research, so I had to spend about 2 months to recover, and will never be indolent!!!

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