Swedish tradition looking at a charcoal kiln (kolmila)

Before 5 october you can go to Gålö (close to Dalarö) and look at a charcoal kiln (kolmila in swedish). It is a burning stack of wood on low intensity that is making charcoal. They use sand on the outside of it to keep it burning for a long time.

A visit to Gålö is well worth it, but you have to hurry. They also have charcoalbuns, that is like a pankake baked on charcoal.

It is for use a nice outing and I strongly recommend it!

Charcoal kiln (kolmila) they go on top to stir it once in a while. Someone is keeping after it the whole time
Makin charcoal pancakes (kolbullar)
This is a mini “kolmila” birchtrees stacked in the middle

2014-09-28 14.29.45

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