Half time for a PhD

It is been a while since my last blog. I’ve been busy in preparing my half time control since the summer when I came back from Sweden. Thus, I think it might be interesting for you to hear some news for the half time control at Karolinska Institutet.

For all PhD students who will take a doctorate at KI, the half time control shall be taken at two years after admission, or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed. It is used to check whether he or she has a chance to achieve learning outcomes for doctoral education at KI. Thus, the half time is more like a check-point during our PhD education journey.

Since it is a sort of examination, several documents shall be prepared to be submitted in to the half time review committee. From the KI’s and our department’s websites, requested documents are clearly written, but I still spent nearly one month to do so. The main reason of that is the difficulty of summarizing my scientific basis and progress within the PhD project so far in a document of 4-6 pages.

Some of the documents that I prepared for the half time control.
Some of the documents that I prepared for the half time control.

In the meantime, I need to prepare all publications and manuscripts that I have for the half time review committee, regardless completeness of the manuscripts. I was a little worried about the publication at first. Luckily, after several months of submission and resubmission, I got my first study accepted in a very high ranked journal in September, just in the week that I’m supposed to hand in my documents for half time control. Woohoo~!

Last Friday, I sent all documents to the committee members, leaving 2 weeks left to prepare my half time seminar that is supposed to be held in public. Take a ride for the advertisement, the title of my PhD project for the half time control is “Lifestyle factors and risk of Parkinson’s disease”. You are welcome to join the seminar and relevant information such as time and location will be announced shortly at KI’s calendar.


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