From Research to Business

In the sunny autumn day with crystal clear air, we gathered for the last time in beautiful Sigtuna, for the course “From Research to Business”. It is has been a wonderful journey for the year. I would like to talk some facts and reflections about the course – because the same course will be held for the coming year too! You might be interested! See some info about the previous course:

What you need to know:

 1 what is the course about?

The aim of the course is to teach you how can you commercialize your research result. You will be taught how to start to commercialize your research and various tools you need!

Most importantly, you will meet the many experienced entrepreneurs and investors, which means you have the great opportunity to get the commercialization in real!

The course is sponsored by Vinnova and ESBRI (

2 what do you need to apply?

You need a research project that has the potential for commercialization. You need to fill up the application and go through a selection process.

3 what is the schedule for the course

You will attend 4 workshops during the year, which will be at the hotel Kristina ( Each workshop lasts from 2-4 days (mostly at the weekend). In between workshops you need to do homework, reading and some practice.

The books we have studied
The books we have studied

4 What is your time commitment, cost and what credit you get?

It is calculated that you will spend 4 days/months to complete the course. The cost includes the accommodation and the food in the hotel. You or you organization needs to pay 12500kr. 15 graduate credits (ECTS) will be awarded upon the completion of the course.


What do I feel about the course

In general: Amazing!!!

The tea break is also amazing at the Hotel Kristina
The tea break is also amazing at the Hotel Kristina

The teaching

Lena Ramfelt, gives most of the lectures. She is teacher from Standford University and ESBRI. The fantastic thing about Lena is her energy!!! She is always cheerful and encouraging! If you send an email, you almost get an answer at once, even in the mid-night! She has the promise during the year we study: WE CAN CALL AT ANY TIME, that is 24/7 –24hrs every day and 7days per week!

Magnus takes care of the most administration part of the course. He has great sense of humor.

The students:

The first day when I came to the course, I was just amazed that I was around the group of intelligent people with so many ideas. The 17 students in the group are from all over Sweden: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenborg, Lund, Luleå, Linköping, Malmö, etc. Each of them has amazing project: Thomas has developed an app to monitor the glucose level for diabetes patient. Moa invented artificial “blood vessels” for lab bench; Marcin aims to start a cloud funding; Andrej tries to commercialize a new battery material, Wenming has the solution to recycle the fungi from the sea and make it into energy source. Joakim invented self -watering flower pot…

The guest speakers: There are many guest speakers, they are private investors, entrepreneurs or people from Vinnoa, It was inspiring to communicate with them. They share their experience, energy and funny stories. They have different mentalities and their own way to be successful. By communicating with them, you conclude every roads leads to Rom.–The possibilities are in your own hands.

The result

I had a telephone interview 14 months ago with a big biotech company in China – they asked some business questions. At that time I could not answer. When I look back now, after the course, how easy is to answer those questions!

After one year, you realize – that you are not the same as you started the course: not older, but wiser.

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