Edge of 33

Britta Perry’s student card.

”I should go clean out my locker… she said at the age of 33.” – I’m quoting Britta Perry, a character from a TV show Community, who in her early 30s decided to start studying at a community college so she can get a higher education degree (she is also of Swedish heritage).

Now, wrapping up the highest education degree well before I was 33, does not mean that I feel much different than a student. PhD/grad students are, well, still students, even though their bachelor and master days are long over. Hell, some people think that postdocs are students too! Check it out, here it’s written ’postdoctoral students’. What? What is that? Ok, it’s because we’re performing studies, that’s why… <sigh>

Celebrating 33 with Kiki, our dear, former fellow blogger; and jokingly holding 3 fingers, which, ehm, where I come from, represent “national pride”

Some say that the age of 33 is the happiest, others that it’s the busiest, and then there are those who claim that it was Jesus’ age when he died. The Jesus thing inspired me to announce on my last birthday that my ’year 33’ will be the ’year of sacrifice and resurrection’. Was I right? Time will tell (but I secretly think so).

I want this poster… in human size!!

Recently, it came to my attention that number 33 seems to be kind of important in Sweden. A friend posted this ”poster” of Swedish hallmarks on Facebook, but the resolution was so bad that I had to struggle quite a bit (=spend like 30 minutes surfing the web) to find out who or what signifies nr 33.

The Sedin hockey twins!

But, I made it! It’s the Vancouver Canucks team number of Henrik Sedin, a Swedish hockey player. His twin brother Daniel plays for them too, under the number 22 (double digits, get it?). And guess what, they’ll be joining me in being 34 this month. Hurray!

So, what comes after ’sacrifice and resurrection’ of 33? Have no clue. 34, I guess, which by itself is not a special number in any way. The only thing that sticks out is the rule #34, and I have at least that to make me laugh until the dreaded 35. Though, 35 is not the scary age anymore, not even 40. When a friend in her early 20s asked my friends and me about our scary age, we realized it’s 50. But I guess by the time we reach our 40s, it will be 60, and then… nothing will scare us anymore, we’ll become the veterans of life 😀

By the way, the title of this post is a pun on a very beautiful song called ”Edge of 17”. Click to enjoy it, and cheers for feeling ’forever young’!

To be continued…

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