Rambling thoughts from a soon to be finished PhD student


it has been too long since I wrote my last blog post. It’s not because of vacation (didn’t have mine yet) or because of laziness. It’s because I’ve been locked up in my apartment for the last couple of weeks writing my doctoral thesis. Yes, I’m finally going to finish up and have my dissertation in late October. It feels kind of weird that it’s over soon.

Anyway, this made me think back of the years I’ve been a PhD student and I have to say that my overall opinion is that it has been a fantastic experience. First off, I’ve been able to study and see things that other people will never be able to study/see. Also, during these years I’ve accumulated a huge amount of awesome knowledge and skills. I’ve also had the luck to supervise undergrad students. I’ve come to realize how much I actually know about science when I supervise students. Normally you don’t realize that you actually know a lot because you interact with researchers with similar or more experience than yourself. But when you supervise students you realize that things you take for granted that most people know, the students don’t know. Supervising students is a great opportunity to improve many skills such as science communication, leadership, project management, team work but most importantly an opportunity for you to have fun. However some researchers see students as free/cheap labor that does the dirty work, which I think is really unfortunate for both the student and the researcher.

A side effect of finishing up my PhD studies is that I’m also starting to look forward. What’s next for me? To be honest, I don’t know. I will stay in the same lab after my dissertation for a while but what happens next is unknown. I chose to study science because of my curiosity to understand the world and this curiosity is still present. But working in such an international environment as KI, where I’ve got to meet people from all over the world and people from different disciplines, have expanded my areas of interest. As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve developed an interest for entrepreneurship and I’m involved in an entrepreneurial project related to life sciences and social media. Social media itself is something I find very fascinating since it has affected the way people work and communicate. So when KI Career Service was planning to start this blog, I never thought twice to join.

OK, I’m aware that publicly write that I’m not sure what to do in the future might not be so smart since employers want to hire people that are sure and determined and my future employer might read this. But this uncertainty is not something rare, it’s very normal. Since you have been living in such a closed environment and focused on your research for so long and suddenly you realize that you are about to finish can be a bit confusing. But rest assured that whatever I choose to do I will be 100% determined (I hope that didn’t sound too cheesy).

Anyway, I will stop my rambling thoughts now. But if you are a designer (living in Stockholm) who knows how to build websites and is interested to join an entrepreneurial project, let’s connect! I’m on LinkedinTwitter and Facebook! For the rest of you, let’s connect too!

Funny parody of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance” that describes the life of a PhD student. Just to clarify, my PhD studies were much better than this.


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