Story of the Sahara

We have adventured the Sahara!

It says in the book, when you go to the Sahara desert, first, you need at least two jeeps to travel together in case anything happens. Second, Tunisia is the only country that you can get into the Sahara safely, even though 11 countries share the Sahara desert.

We travelled with only one jeep deep into the desert 147km. We trust the guide, Fethi, he is a real nomad who owns camels. He drove this 147km without compass or GPS, even though the road was long and winding, the jeep needed to go around the dunes. Fethi said, the map is in his head.

The first three hours was with joy and curiosity how the landscape changed from the stone, hard sand, then gradually, to the soft sand dunes.

The Sahara

Before the noon, the car was stuck in the sand dunes and could not get out. The guide and Z struggled for over 40min without any result. The sun is approaching us very close… It was Ramadan, the month when the Muslims will not eat or drink at daylight hours. Now, the pictures tell you all.

The guys struggled 40min under the sun with no success.

The struggle

Z has forgoten his shoes in the hotel, the sandals are broken, you can imagine the heat in the sand

The broken
The broken


We I moved to the closed “Cafeteria”, seeking for the shadows. Kids and I stayed there. Fethi and Z went back to trying to get out the jeep from the sand.


The “cafeteria”

The desert cafeteria

Inside the “cafeteria”

Inside the cafeteria

Almost stepped on a snake

almost stepped on a snake

This is how she looks like

The snake in the desert
The snake in the desert

The footprints of the snakes and scorpions.

The footprint of snakes and scorpions
The footprint

The guys went back to fix the car

On the way to fix the car

After 4 hours struggle they came back with the car. How cheerful!

Got the car out of the sand, the telephone is sandy
Got the car out of the sand, the telephone is sandy

The car stopped and started to leak gasoline. Z used the water bottle to take the leaking gasoline and put into the reserve tank.

The car is leaking gasoline
The car is leaking gasoline

Finally, we reached the oasis, enjoying the camel riding

Camels riding
Camels riding, my boys are on the camel (the right side)


Enjoying the 35C degree water in the oasis…

The hot spring in the oasis
The hot spring in the oasis

But, there is another story during the 4 hours struggling… Mentally and physically, for the Z and the guide Fethi who were fighting under the sun, or for me and the children waited them to be back with the jeep….

4 thoughts on “Story of the Sahara

  1. Good adventure in the Tunisian desert but it all paid off I believe when you finally reached to the oasis. I am not sure of two things, however, you said we travelled with only one jeep but I see a Toyota car, I think the Jeep is much stronger and desert friendly so to say. The other thing, was the snake already dead when you were about to step on it? I see on the picture that is flipped upside down and appears dead with a cut on its body. Nice photos especially the one riding camels 🙂

    1. Sorry for the late replay, obviously I have not got the notice. First question: It is a Toyota jeep. Second, the snake was alive, we took the picture after the guide had killed him/her. And before we notice, he has already killed the snake. I am very sorry I used the word “killed”….

      1. Thanks for the clarification. Well, that snake is very venomous and you were lucky not to be bitten.
        Greetings from KI-Solna.

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