What academic life has taught me (or not…) about real life!

It’s been 14 years since I entered the ‘university‘. I’ve been to different places in the world with lot’s of good and bad times. Finally, I thought that I should conclude what I have learned from academic life and how this could reflect on my ‘real’ life. Of course what follows is my personal opinion and someone might disagree.

1. Try to keep it simple

Do not overcomplicate things, be clear and understandable. Mixed messages make you and others feel uncomfortable and insecure.

keep it simple

2. More work does not necessarily mean more results

You have to be smart and plan everything carefully. Do NOT overwork yourself. If you are tired you don’t think clearly and you might make mistakes.


3. Money makes the world go round

There’s not much to explain here…


4. Being a social butterfly actually helps

I’m sure you hear a lot about networking. Surprisingly, sometimes things just fall together and this friend’s friend that you met once in that party actually did help you find your next job (true story…hehe). So, come on people let’s LinkedIn all together..! 😛


5. It’s important to work in an environment that motivates you

There are times something (or someone..) feels wrong (it happens to many people). Before you jump to conclusions try to be objective. If this doesn’t work you gotta move it, move it, move it.

move it move it

6. Having your own center does not necessarily mean that you are self-centered

Do not be intimidated or frightened by what other people say and think of you. Accept the constructive criticism and never forget who you are.


7. You can learn a lot from a bad situation (or supervisor)

Quoting Lee Ann Womack ” I’ve learned the lesson that when you’re in the middle of something that seems overwhelming, or you’re in a bad situation and it seems like it’s the end of the world or whatever, then you learn that it’s not”. You can discover so many things about yourself and the way you see things.

everything ok

8. Take care of your stomach, you need it

Advice: don’t take anything personally.


9. People will never cease to amaze you

In either good or bad way.


10. You don’t have to prove anything to others but only to yourself (if you want to)

This is a never ending ‘procedure’.


11. Politics is important in EVERYTHING

You know what? You might realize that just opening your mouth is not very effective. Don’t say something you will regret afterwards.


12. Reality is a flexible thing

Your perspective is not the same with the one of the person sitting next to you. Again, communication makes things better.


13. People come and people go

Farewell parties never end. Sighhhh. Life goes on and on and on..

dont go14. A balanced working and personal life is important

We are not machines. We are humans! There is a world out there…


15. Being bitter and angry will never help you solve anything


Well, that’s all folks! Don’t forget to be happy!

p.s. I do not owe the above gif files.

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