Smartest Sheldon

A beautiful her.
A beautiful her.

I had a great time on my birthday in the last weekend. I went to an archipelago outside Gothenburg with my girlfriend for barbecue under a fantastic weather. There was summer breeze by the beach unlike damn hot weather in Stockholm. The really joy of that weekend, however, was not the hotdog from barbecue or homemade birthday cake in the evening. Instead, it was the anticipation of meeting our new family member, Sheldon.

Story starts from the second day morning after my birthday, my girlfriend and I drove half the country to pick him up. We met Sheldon with his parents in a summerhouse beside a small lake. Honestly, we were extremely nervous at the beginning. But all those feelings shifted out when we laid eyes on each other. From all his family members, my girlfriend and I recognized him directly without any hesitation – that was remarkable!

Recognize him from all his family member is a really challenge.
Recognize him from all his family member is a really challenge.

We had some trouble on how to call our new family member before our first encounter. My girlfriend is a super fan of Sheldon from The Big Ban Theory, thus we listed several names for him including the Sheldon. When we saw him, we knew that no other names could fit him better than Sheldon.

Now, it has been a week since Sheldon moved into our family. We managed to teach him to obey some of the family rules like poops only in the toilet and do some light physical exercise after the meal. 🙂 This evening we even managed to bath Sheldon the first time – a milestone record! However, he is still a little naughty that tries to skip our arms sometimes. But we know he is only shy and will be ok after a few time. We should know that Sheldon in the Big Ban has problem of social contact like hugs at beginning, but still learns that in the latest season.

On Sheldon's way to our home :)
On Sheldon’s way to our home 🙂
Now he enjoys his hammock.
Now he enjoys his hammock.










My girlfriend and I will give our best love to our smartest Sheldon, for sure!


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