Days on vacation in China

From the last week of June, I started my vacation in China. It was a really nice trip for me, although I’ve gained 5 kg in 3 weeks. 🙂 I’ve been to Beijing, my hometown Wuhan, and Shanghai, those 3 big cities in China. The purpose of this trip was not only the vacation, but also taking my medical national board exam and taking my girlfriend to meet my and some of her family.

From the first day arriving at Beijing, I started my good mood because of the nice and clear weather. For people who have not lived in Beijing, one cannot imagine how valuable a good weather is. I’ve never lived in Beijing for my live, but I heard stories and read news. On the way from airport to my beloved girlfriend’s grandparents’ residence, I chatted with taxi-driver, “Why I only see a good weather in Beijing whenever I’m here? Does rumor about bad weather in Beijing all fake?” “No, no! You are only lucky. If you came yesterday, you would see what a really weather is here.” The driver responded.

Well, in my few day of staying in Beijing, I still did not see that. I guess I’m a person who gets luck all the time.

Then I went back my hometown, Wuhan. There I felt my old time came back but with unfamiliarity. Days in China is not the same as it is in Sweden. The society wake up very early and almost never sleep in big cities. People are crowed everywhere that makes my girlfriend even panic sometime – She left China to Sweden for too long and got used to the quiet/boring society in Sweden.


Reganmian (Hot-dry noodles) as breakfast :) Special cuisine in my city
Reganmian (Hot-dry noodles) as breakfast 🙂
Special cuisine in my city
Doupi as breakfast in Wuhan
Doupi as breakfast in Wuhan

I enjoyed my days at home mainly with a huge variety of food, e.g. my two favorite
breakfasts in my city, Reganmian (Hot-dry noodles) and Doupi. Of course, I could not forget eating the special cuisine of my province every night, Braised Prawns! – where in Sweden, they are called crayfish and even have a traditional crayfish party (Kräftskiva) in summer to celebrate eating them (with only boiled crayfish)…How cute the swedes could be! 🙂

Braised Prawns as supper in my province :)
Braised Prawns as supper in my province 🙂

Shanghai is my girlfriend’s hometown. She showed me around where she grew up and played. It was my first time in Shanghai. Like anyone from the world who is being in Shanghai the first time, I had only one word to describe it, “magnificent”!

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