The CS references

Couch Surfing (CS) is a fantastic way to travel. If you do not know it, please google it!

No matter you host some travelers or surf other’s couch, you will meet interesting people, learn culture in a deeper way, and, see the everyday life of the city!

It is important to write references for the people that you met during Couch Surfing, because the trust to a person is based on the references she/he received. For me, it is a very fun activity to read and write the references. Here I show some interesting writings, all with permission. However, I only use initial for the names.

Reference 1:  Positive

“We met K on the last day of our Warsaw visit when I was full of awesome feelings in giga-magnitudes, overflowing extargy towards the Polish people, their lovely hospitality and every each persons’ well developed unique individuality. I thought it is not possible to beat. I was wrong.

K is such a shining person who brings light into the dark. She pulls you to a higher loca with her smooth personality, wide smile, stable state of mind and cute, girlish modulated humour that make you laugh constantly in her presence.

She must be a materialized appearance, a human eye visible result of healthy lifestyle, long meditation and practically applied altruism.

hahaha but I am an experienced diver. I can see bubbles even in the still water 🙂 I see the erupting vulcano in K – a nightlife goddess, a dancing queen, a man eating Nyx’s full potential -a firework explosion.

We haven’t had time to explore K’s those, equally interesting qualities – but I promise, it will come very soon:) ”

Reference 2:   Positive

“Meeting C was an accident – a good one. It was so complicated to synchronize the long working day, a half prepared dinner, resting the dog, meeting my girlfriend who was on a weekend long seminar and her CS guest – that I simply decided… bring everything to me and we’ll sort it out together on the fly how will we manage the situation.

…and indeed, it was a perfect cozy evening with a nostalgia funded dish that my 93 year old grandmother prepares sometimes.

C has a remarkable curiosity that leads that every conversation topic will dig deep, far below the shallow chit-chat conversation level. This quality accompanied with sweet smile and brilliant humor make C an amazing travel companion.
It was my pleasure to meet you.”

Reference 3:  Positive

“First we starved R for 2 hours by our delayed arrival. He was so kind and welcome us with a cup of sweet tea. The house was dorcorated with Indian and smells the mystery of India. We were lucky to find a restaurant to satisfy everyone’s stomach with the company of his lovely friend’s L. We had a wonderful experience sharing each other’s stories. R is a kind person with full expression of life’s passion, sympathy and romance. Before we left, R picked up his guitar and sang a beautiful song, with his proud and fragility. He was so kind to guide us around Liverpool. We were so lucky to get the tips from R and headed for the lovely Stratford on Avon, that really made our Xmas eve! in this fairy tale town . Thank you R and welcome to Stockholm. You will not feel like stranger when you hear Swedish language because of your German blood. Please send you greeting to your valuable friend L and she is welcome too!”

Reference 4:  Positive

“Y was a very pleasant surprise on the evening I met her through my CS host, Z.

I was glad she liked trying the Estonian Vana Tallinn cocktail and enjoyed a traditional Costa Rican treat!

I was struck by her excellent sense of humour, which allowed us to laugh together and share the fine wit of Les Luthiers. A lively, engaging and attent master in conversation, she was an excellent partner in the debates we three had and we discussed an extraordinary amount of topics. I was very glad to also be able to practice my rusty Chinese with her (which, luckily, turned out to be quite amusing!).

I couldn’t have asked for a better combination for this evening! Thank you for your invaluable contribution to a perfect evening and for your welcoming energy! I look forward to taking up your invitation to a traditional Chinese culinary experience!”


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