Where Music Meets Science

No doubt there’s a lot of nerdy music around, but how about music made by professional, mainstream artists, which has some serious, no-nonsense, scientific lyrics? I faced this challenge when I was organizing a science-fiction theme pub some time ago. Of course, it wasn’t only about the outfit and funny cocktail names, it was about the experience as a whole, hence the music had to be appropriate too.

Apart from some electronica I found here and there, which screams more ”fiction” than ”science”, the choice remains poor. And you know what? The songs listed below may use some scientific jargon, but they are, naturally, about love, as most music ever made is 😀

The best-known, and definitely a classic, is Thomas Dolby’s ”She Blinded Me With Science”:

Then, there’s Semisonic’s ”Chemistry”:

”So for awhile I conducted experiments

And I was amazed by the things I learned

From a fine fine girl with nothing but good intentions and a

Bad tendency to get burned”

Moloko‘s Róisín Murphy took it to the next level, in her song ”Overpowered”:

”Your data, my data, the chromosomes match

Exact as in matter, a matter of fact

As science struggles on to try to explain

Oxytocin’s* flowing ever into my brain”

*At the Lyrics page where I searched them, “oxytocin‘s” was misspelled as “oxy-toxins”. Hahaha!

Then, Coldplay’s amazing ”Scientist”.

”I was just guessing at numbers and figures

I was pulling the puzzles apart

Questions of science, science and progress

Do not speak as loud as my heart”

The band’s frontman, Chris Martin, had to recite the song backwards, so the video can be filmed like this:

And finally, a song made by my two friends, dedicated to Citric acid cycle and the importance of biochemistry. No grandiose words of love hidden in the IUPAC nomenclature; just simple, pure fun 🙂 Pelvis&Scrotum, or Nick&Joey made this song when we all started our studies at Karolinska, almost eight years ago. They moved on to be successful dentists, and I… I decided to spread this masterpiece, and made this video. I present to you Pelvis&Scrotum with “Boy You Need Some Enzymes”:

Enjoy the music, enjoy the s(c)i(l)ence, it’s summer! If you think of other science-inspired tunes, paste it in the comments section below – much appreciated!

To be continued…

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