The invisible


During our stay in Warsaw, Poland, we went to an interesting event—“the invisible exhibition”. It was organized by blind people. That one-hour journey in the darkness was meant to experience the life of the blind.

We are not allowed to tell all the details about what happened in the exhibition, just in case you one day you might go for this event.

The exhibition was in total darkness. But there is much darker compared to when you just close your eyes. Then, you are in your own world – and, you start to collect your own secret.

The pleasant sound is the cheerfulness of life.

The touch becomes your intimate interaction with the world.

The smell of a person, is like soft hair flowing before your nose. You can tell, is this the one who you are familiar with, or a total stranger? The smell carries a specific signal that brings out your emotions.

You can easily sense the warmth of a body, or the coldness of a stone.

Because you do not see others, you assume the others will not see you either.

You start your imagination much more…

Is that what a blind person feels? Then I start to self criticize: how do I dare, to turn the darkness into a romantic experience, when I have not even go through its cruelty? Or, it is because the guide, Robert, who is almost totally blind, showed so much confidence, courage and skillfulness. It seems that he sees everything.


2 thoughts on “The invisible

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