Midsummer not in the middle of summer

Swedish people is keen to celebrate Midsummer. After being in Sweden for 5 years, I still could not figure out exactly why. Someone says it is just a tradition that Swedes can take an extra holiday. I say, probably it is used for people to have fun and drink around, and then dance around the Midsummer pole. Religion may not account for much of the activities that occur here.

Speaking of the Midsummer pole, it is definitely interesting to know something. Midsummer pole in Sweden is decorated with foliage and flowers that circle as two rings besides a big stick. Surely there are many stories regarding why Midsummer pole looks like this and what it stands for, such as “A German story” that during the 13th century when German came into Sweden to dominate its nature resource and brought their cultmidure together. One of the holidays/cultures that German brought in was a shooting competition in May that involved shooting a bow and arrow at a high pole with a target attached, a picture of a bird that was called a parrot. That may be a reasonable explanation for why Midsummer pole is also called May pole. Other explanations exist such as “Nature fertility story”. However, this is not the favorite story for Midsummer pole. A more well-knowingly or amusingly story is the male-genital worship. It is definitely hilarious, but it is really a promising story especially when we look at the pole!

Well well, the story could be so long that this blog will never end with it. What I want to fuzz over with this time is the weather happening in Midsummer this year! Could it be even more cooler that we can only walk outside with a jacket on?! It was only ca. 15 ᵒC! I can’t stop thinking about last year that I can swim in the Baltic Ocean by the Stockholm coast!

What we should do during the Midsummer is like this, instead of staying at home and curling up a blanket!

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