Scientific conference at Stockholm

As mentioned in my previous blogs, scientists often participate in scientific conferences to exchange their ideas and meet colleagues who are not around the corner, and more importantly looking for potential collaborations.

In order to organize such event, a mega venue is inevitable. Although Stockholm is known as the “Capital of Scandinavia” and we have the fabulous “City hall” where the annual banquet for Nobel Price awards is placed, I do not think we have many other options to choose from for organizing a big scientific conference. Still, we have Stockhoklmsmässan, where I attended the 18th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders two weeks ago.

Stockholmsmässan is also called Stockholm Convention Center, where located in Älvsjö at south of the central Stockholm and is very easy to find by public transport. Several buses can reach Stockhoklmsmässan from Stockholm Central Station but commuter trains, aka “Pendeltåg” in Swedish, is the most convenient way. It only takes around 7 minutes by the commuter train that stops right at Älvsjö Station.

It is lucky for me to take the opportunity of joining this event, not only because such congress is one of the most important international events within my research field, but also I can have lunch at home during the break (I also live in Älvsjö with 5 minutes trip by bus). J

A very important researcher in movement disorder, Thomas Gasser, gave a speech with the topic of ‘Does genetics influence diagnostic criteria for Parkinson’s disease’. Unfortunately, I’ve to admit that his speech was not that fascinating compared to his published scientific articles. Probably it is due to the few late-breaking news in such research area.  Nevertheless, this is science, wonder news do not happen all the time.


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