A canoe trip?

It is not the first time I go canoeing at Skebokvarn (http://www.skebocanoe.se/)

in Gnesta south of Stockholm, but definitely it is not the last time.  If you want to merge into the Swedish nature with a canoe trip, Skebokvarn is a good choice for a nice summer day or a whole weekend.

Here are some facts.

1 It is only 1.5 hours drive from Stockholm.

the map
The map

2 There are many small islands scattered in between the water. You can take it easy and stop anywhere you want.

3 The nature is beautiful with varied views. You can paddle between open water and small channels. You can spot the houses along the water (making you feel that is heavenly luxury to live there), or suddenly, a totally wild small island of pristine nature (making you to feel so expressive). Also, there are beavers…

wandering in the channel
Wandering in the channel

4 The canoe price is affordable: 200 or 300 kr per day (depending if it is a weekday or a weekend day), 600 kr for the whole weekend. You can rent a tent or other camping necessities as well…

beautiful nature
The beautiful nature
the peace
The peace
Beavers have been here

5 The water is warmer than in Stockholm area – therefore you can easily take a bath.

the morning bath
The morning bath

6 The couple, Carina and Micke, who run the canoeing center are very pleasant, helpful and professional! I wish I had taken a picture with them.

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