Art in the LIME light

healthy green lime fruitSince a few months I’ve been working as a research assistant at the Department for Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). LIME is a place where cultures clash and where informaticians, managers, educators, communicators, illustrators, engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses, physicians, designers… and public health specialists work together to improve healthcare.

A lot of interesting and fun stuff is going on here! A few days ago, a retreat was organised by the LIME Doctoral Network. Even though I’m not a doctoral student (yet), I got to join for a day full of art.

After a hilarious “making off” video of the planning team, the day started with a “Who’s gonna be a… PhD” quiz with questions around doctoral education at LIME (I think nobody made it to 1 million SEK in the end).

We had a nice fika (one of many that day) and then bombarded the Director of Doctoral Studies and the Administrator of Doctoral Education at LIME with all kinds of questions – from the admission seminars, to annual follow-ups, half-time reviews, to supervision and defences.

Just before lunch, four former PhD students talked about their PhD experiences. They didn’t try to make it sound neither better nor worse, but gave the impression to be talking straight from their hearts and true to the motto

‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy doing your PhD’.

The afternoon was full of dancing and painting – at the same time the tension was mounting as we were promised a big surprise in the early evening. Already the dancing and painting sessions were surprising though: We (almost) knew how to dance Cha Cha Cha after only one hour. I guess that was the biggest challenge in the career of P, who is a professional dancer when he’s not at LIME researching. True story! Then we painted our research, which resulted in a beautiful collection of art works. It looked like a Kindergarden class had been working hard…

Finally, the bus arrived bringing us to the secret location. During the ride, we played a game, a music quiz. If you got all the songs correct, you would be able to guess the name of the place we were going to. Streets signs where meanwhile revealing we were getting closer to Värmdö in the Archipelago.

Before anybody could burst out the answer of where we were going, we arrived at ‘Artipelag’ – a beautiful, beautiful, magic place. Artipelag is a venue for art, great food, and activities and I would highly recommend you to visit it sometime (

I had never been, but always wanted to go. We got a guided tour through the ‘No Man is an Island’ exhibition and the day ended with a really good dinner and nice conversations. Thanks again for this amazing day and the lovely surprise!

LIME light

One thought on “Art in the LIME light

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