Ways in and ways out

Inspired by Milica’s post ‘Publish and Perish’ I decided to write about alternative post-PhD careers;) Some of you who have made an attempt to exit academia might have noticed that it is a challenging task. There are quite a few hurdles on the way. This can result in a mixture of feelings which span between sense of helplessness and anger. None of these emotions help. Actually, they just make it all worse. As it is better to prevent than to cure, the best is to make sure that despair will not find a way to our way of thinking. That is why success stories and motivational articles are priceless:)

I have just came across an highly motivational article on the Cheeky Scientists web page. It’s a story of an ex-PhD who made a career switch. She started as an ‘application scientists’ and finally moved to global marketing. The story might be interesting even for those who want to follow another career path. In a broader perspective, no matter which turn we want to take, it is all about acquiring new skills, finding the right job for us, creating our own opportunities and gaining experience even when we have no experience…

Personally, I have one motivational story which keeps me going. It is not always easy to let it surface in my mind but whenever I manage to remind myself about it existance, I feel like there is much more that I can do before I am allowed to give up. Well, it is simply a story of a 40+ year old guy who dreamed of a PhD in molecular biology. He sent 120 CVs but he made it! He is conducting PhD studies in a nice research institute right now!

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