First time being a moderator

We are not smart as we thought. Students used to confuse where they should go for the career after education. Situation applies to the same even for master and PhD students. I would say, presumably, our eyes are blinded by our straightforward mind.

In the past lovely and rainy May, the Career Service Office of KI organized a series of events – career insights. It opened up a forum for all students at KI, including KI Alumni & friends who are also interested for their career paths, to share the experience and thoughts of conquering career’s mountain.

I did not attend the first event, but as it turned out, I got a chance to be a moderator for panel discussion in the second event. It was my first time being a moderator, as always the first time makes no perfection but remains memorable excitation.

10313821_10152062050481123_5605238531019605619_nWe have three speakers at this event. Patrik Hidefjäll, a senior researcher, lecturer and consultant at Bioentrepeneurship master program of KI. Annicka Österdahl, a former Biomedicine student and KI employee, and chair for student union of KI as well. And a current Toxicology master student Kazem Behbahani.

I’ve to admit that they are in a good combination of different career levels but all have being in relation to KI. During their speeches, they’ve showed their different careers’ paths after education till the current positions, which are very insightful.

I, as a moderator for the panel discussion after their speeches, surely prepared redundant questions for them. However, an awkward moment still happened at the beginning of the panel discussion – I introduced myself and tried to bring a topic of discussion for panels – but it turned cold! There was about 5 sec of silence, which drove me nuts. I immediately REPEATED the question and looked desperately to the panels. Luckily, one speaker probably noticed my “looking for help” eye contact. She took over the subject.

After that moment, I throw out my prepared questions but followed speakers’ contents and the overall agenda in the rest of the discussion. Then things moved softly that we even did not get to use our back-up plan of questions from hidden audience. That was great! Many questions were proposed from the audience that we have to cut them out in the end.

Although there was a moment that I felt lost and wanna kill myself during the event, I still like the feeling of being a moderator. As an old saying denotes, “when you don’t know what to do next, take the first move without thinking.”

Extremely thanks to Charlotte Bäckström, who organized the event and helped me prepare being a moderator. Same gratitude to Caity Jackson, who co-organized the event and wish you the best luck of career.

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