Is the Future of Life Science bright?

At “The Future of Life Science” seminar co-organized by KI career service today, four speakers shared their insightful perspectives for tomorrow’s life science both in academia & pharma.

The 1.5 hour inspiring discussion brought academia, government, and industry together: Anders Gustafsson, Dean of Doctoral Education, KI; Peter Honeth, State Secretary, Ministry of Education; Jan-Olof Jacke, President, AstraZeneca and Ola Hermanson, Dept. Neuroscience, KI as moderator.

Trends the speakers highlighted include:

  • the absolute need of high quality basic research both in academia and inhouse in pharma
  • More tight collaboration between academia and industry (for example SciLifeLab and KI/AZ ICMC)
  • Digital health; big pharma, medical technology and ICT work together

Advices from the speakers to PhD students:

  • Encourage PhD students/researchers to go abroad for post-doc; international network.
  • Be passionate/ curious/ never being satisfied



One thought on “Is the Future of Life Science bright?

  1. 你好,我是中国的生物硕士,研究动物基因组方向,我想申请KI,托福93,请问申请难吗?

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