Little stories from life in Stockholm

The last three weeks many things happened and many things didn’t happen…like my blog.. it’s been quite some time since my last post.. Oups :P! However, I was thinking about it a lot (No, you didn’t)..No, really I was, and I had lots of stories that I wanted to share with you. Everytime I was like: ‘Oh, I should write about this!’, or ‘I should write about that’. I also had the brilliant idea of writing a very big blog about everything…(that of course no one would read). Finally, I ended up to a logical concept of describing key moments of the last period which was not thaaaaaatt long after all hehe. Ok, maybe it was a little long. :P. So, let’s start (music background)

@Postdoc Spring Party

Postdoc Association pubnight
Postdoc Association pubnight

The KI Postdoc Association organized a pubnight at CMB at the end of April. We had a great time, along with food and drinks. Conversations on exp(beer)iments that didn’t work, current situation, next career steps, and how good the music playlist was, interrupted frequently by those playing…foosball. For those who want to join the Association’s next event please join us on Wednesday (28 May, 6pm). We will go to Ugglan Boule & Bar (Närkesgatan 6) on Södermalm 🙂

Trip to Nyköping

Kungstornet at Nyköping
Kungstornet at Nyköping

We rent a car with my friends for one day. The options were many. We could go to Uppsala, or Eskilstuna, or Sigtuna, or Linköping but finally we decided for Nyköping. Nyköping is located approximately 100 km from Stockholm. A beautiful place, by the sea, not very crowded and quite. We took a long walk by the river that runs through the city and visited the old castle. Just magnificent (especially now that I’ m watching Game of Thrones). The useless info related to this trip was that we realized that the ending ‘köping’ is quite common (e.g. Linköping, Norrköping etc).  It means ‘town’ (google translate says it not me :P)

Having fun in Södermalm

Drinks in Södermalm
Drinks in Södermalm

I just love Södermalm! There are so many coffee places, bars, restaurants for every taste and mood. And of course many vegetarian places…We visited a cozy restaurant called ‘Little Persia‘ and then we went to a pub called ‘Petsounds‘.

Rainy Sweden…

Going to work
Going to work

The weather was a bit rainy at some point, maybe a bit depressive for a few. Looking outside the window I was thinking ‘how nice, spring is here and everything will bloom soon’.

…Sunny Sweden

A sunny day in Kungsträdgården with lots of people. Summer loading…:)

A fantastic day in Kungsträdgården Park
A fantastic day in Kungsträdgården Park

Happyyyy Sundayyyyy!

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