Black box

Hej there,

I’ve mentioned an important fact that where a researcher could talk about his/her research in my last blog. The answer is simple and clear – scientific journals, conferences, seminars etc.

I’ve also emphasized which one of them is the most important – scientific journal, which literally reflects a researcher’s work, competence and productivity.

A common fact that we all, as researchers, will meet is the time of submitting our manuscripts. Yes~, after several years’ of conducting the research and writing the manuscript, we are finally ready for submission.

However, what will happen after our submission? It may not be obvious to everyone, not even to some experienced researchers.

Now we all know once the editor is considering a manuscript with possibility of publication in the journal, he/she will send it out for peer-review. A big wonder is the waiting time in between the submission and sending out the manuscript.


There are too many Journals in the world and too many editors! Despite different styles of manuscript that they request for, they have their own preferences of scientific interest. It means that, let’s say, a manuscript is good but could still be rejected by an editor who is not interested in the topic of the manuscript.

Oh right, probably I am biased. 🙂  Giving a fair complement that an editor is doing a great job. Let’s give a peep at the Pandora box:


All these bullets are telling us one story, “to be decided”, but for what to be decided?

We need to know that those information are supposed to track the status of a manuscript. The reality is that these information could be shown in 1 minute.

Does it mean the manuscript was evaluated by a second opinion, third opinion and then waiting for reviewers’ selection? —-No, the manuscript could be rejected without sending out for peer-review, and without peer-review, no chance of publication.

So, the author would still not be able to correctly identify the fate of his/her manuscript.

If you wonder what would it matter….! Someone just find it hard to sleep without a certain feeling. :p

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