3 months Swedish learning @ KI

Since 2 hours after my PhD admission seminar on this Valentine’s Day, I had attended the language @ KI project to learn Swedish for 3 months. There were about 3 groups (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to study for 2 hours (6pm-8pm) on each weekday. Each Friday, I would go to Medicinska Föreningen (MF) to meet with my 4-6 language buddies, and learned Swedish from our two teachers- Maria and Daniela (volunteers who are native Swedish speakers in KI).

The first Swedish course-What, When, Who,Where,Why,How?
The first Swedish course-What, When, How,Who,Where,Which and Why?

It’s a big international family here, foreign students or employees could learn some daily life Swedish after work. We have learned the most commonly used Swedish words and sentences in campus, shopping malls, stations and so on. We also learned Swedish culture and communicated with each other in a very amicable way here, and the Fika during the break was also fabulous.

Delicious food
Delicious food

At the last time, we gathered together and brought the self-cooked traditional food in our own countries, I spent totally 6 hours on cooking a “steamed pork and sweet potatoes with rice flour”, and it was eaten up in a few minutes. In this international dinner, I had a good night with my language buddies and teachers, and finally won a Dalecarlian horse in the game. It is indeed an unforgettable experience, and looking forward to continue the intermediate Swedish course next semester.

Have a nice night with my teachers and buddies
Have a nice night with my teachers and buddies, and I’m the winner!!

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