The End of the Beginning- Thesis Defense

Although still feel like winter outside, we are already in May. It is again one of the peak seasons for thesis defense! One colleague in our group is actually going to defend within a month (Good luck!). As in the final (4th) year of PhD study, I’ve been writing my thesis this spring.

In one of seminar room in our NVS department, the walls are decorated with all the thesis from PhD students graduated from the department since the 80s.

(Theses: Super clean only title on the cover page, or with cute mice, fancy staining images obtained from experiment).

Photo 2014-05-01 19 14 55 Photo 2014-05-01 19 14 37

More inspiration could be found freely here at KI thesis collection.

Information on what is required for thesis defense, information seminar and  Official template  of the thesis.

(Nailing at KI Solna Library, Må spikas in Swedish) 

Photo 2013-08-15 15 56 49

And finally, Dissertation party after thesis defense!!

Photo 2013-09-05 18 39 54

Photo 2014-05-08 23 06 06


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