Stockholm’s magic

Just looking at the list of this blog’s bloggers you will see that the crowd at Karolinska Institutet is from about everywhere in the world. Surprisingly (– or not?) it was often not only KI that attracted to start a new chapter in life, but Stockholm itself.

ImageFor some of you it might be more or less obvious why this is a nice place to be while some of my friends – especially Swedish friends – wonder “Why Stockholm?!”. The latter rather seem to be trying to escape the city and country for a more “exciting”, “wild” or simply sunnier place on earth (until they realise that their home is actually not as bad and boring).

If you don’t know anything about Stockholm, or even if you do, please watch this clip that I found on the net the other day: First of all, this magician is really good at what he’s doing. Second of all, if these facts about our city are all true, then Stockholm must be one of the most beautiful, most progressive, most healthy places you could ever imagine existed.

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