A letter to the lab members

Hi! everyone,

Some introduction of the Swedish tradition:

Tomorrow is valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night), a festival people will say good bye to the winter. There will be bonfire in many parks in the evening. Here are some highlights:

Bonfire in big parks you can find here: http://www.alltomstockholm.se/stadsliv/article4056969.aos   as well as many smaller parks. (My boys are scouts, they will light up the fire in the small village at the south, of course you are welcome to join. It seems no fire in Haga park

The boy in the picture is 10 years old now, he is in the scout and will light up the fire tonight
The boy in the picture is 10 years old now, he is in the scout and will light up the fire tonight

2 There will be lottery, singing and other activities.

Young people will get drunk, because it is a holiday, but you do not need celebrate with your family (different from mid-summer or Xmas that you will stay with you family members), and also pagan nature of this festival. On the radio they already start to warn the parents again and again recently..

May flower will be sold by the children. It is called ” children help children”, the money will be used to help other children: http://www.majblomman.se/in-english/

5 Even though valborgsmässoafton is to celebrate the spring, that day is usually rather cold!!!! Quite often you can experience the hail storm. So, bring warm clothes!!!

 Another  Swedish traditionKlämdag

May 2nd is a “Klämdag”, a day between two free days ( Thursday and Saturday). My children’s school and the after-school “fritis” will be closed. I was planned to take parental leave, but I got confirmed with Christina that I am allowed to be free. But, it is only applies to my position in the group.

Now, I have made all the effort and lead you reading through all these, you will get a sad conclusion:  on Friday Yongtao can be free, but not me…

Enjoy Sweden!


Yongtao Xue-Franzén

PhD, Senior Lab Manager



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