Easter in Iceland

Easter is a widely celebrated holiday in Sweden. Normally Swedish people go out town with their family to some summerhouse in some countryside, like middle of nowhere. They also get many exchanged Easter Eggs that are made out of cardboard and features of chickens. Although stuff inside the Eggs are everyone’s lover, chocolates; one may or may not feel guilty to eat all of them. A really funny annual statistical curve will reveal a pick of attending gym after the Easter, similar to the early January after Christmas. No once could face chocolate’s irresistible temptation.

I would surrender to the chocolates if I stayed in town during the Easter holiday. Therefore, I went to Iceland for an Icelandic road trip this year.

kongfu star
Me at Gullfoss (Iceland) 2 years ago. I was recognized as a Kongfu star and photo taken by many other tourists.  😦

I went to southern Iceland 2 years ago with 2 friends. It was amazing there! The landscape, waterfalls, Icelandic horse riding, northern lights, etc.

This is my 2nd time in Iceland. Moreover, I had 3 more best companies and my beloved one together with me. I was the guide showing them around from Reykjavik, to Geysir and Gullfoss around Lake Pingvallavatn, then further down to Vik for its Black Sand Beach. After visiting Glacier Lagoon (Icelandic Jökulsárlón), we headed east coast for Seyðisfjörður where is surrounded by mountains on all sides but as the only fjord that allows ferry passing through.

I hope I could take this pic by myself, but my iPhone 5 was not comparable to professional DSR!


Sleep by the world renowned Myvatn Lake (Icelandic Mývatn) for spectacular Northern lights and Lava dome, visit on one of the most accessible bays (Icelandic Húsavík) in Iceland for watching seals and Atlantic puffins surely were on my to do list.


We also adventured a storm that gave us less than 1m of driving visibility on top of mountains, sunny and shiny tundra beside the ring road, and of course rested in a hot spring lagoon surrounded by Iceberg.

I love driving in Iceland!

My driving route in Iceland during the Easter 2014.

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