Some interesting things I have met in Sweden

Last October, I flew across the Eurasia, the Baltic Sea and finally arrived to Sweden. Now I have been to this beautiful country for half a year already, as a closer touch with the nice people and traditional culture here, I also found some interesting things that firmly grasped my deep heart.

  1. Enjoy the most precious sunshine

Today is a BIG sunny day, and lots of people sit on the grass in campus to eat, chat and even sleep under the sunshine.   After seeing many students sit in regimented rows in front of Blåsenhus when I attended course in Uppsala University this March, and people sit along the lake near Gamla stan, just for enjoying the sunshine,  I have to admit that people in Sweden are mostly love to the precious sunshine.

But how about students in China? I can cite a picture of the campus I lived in 2005-2009, when the BIG sunshine appears, the first thing we need to consider is to hang our duvet out as early as possible, or there could be no suitable places at all.  The following comparison is so funny, that is why I plan to write this blog. 123




  1. No Fika, no life

Now, I haven’t  finished this article, but it is FIKA time now! So I have to lay aside this work and come down to Ljusgården in our department to eat some desserts, drink a cup of coffee and chat with our colleagues.  Our department will serve FIKA at 14:30-15:30 every Tuesday to Friday, it indeed a good way to eliminate fatigue and revive energy. A Chinese idiom says: no siesta (nap after lunch), a breakdown afternoon. As my understanding, Fika in Sweden just like siesta in China.

  1. Daddy can also be Mommy

On the street, in the supermarket, I often saw a daddy solely wheeled the pram and even held another kid at the same time. In Sweden, Daddy can also be Mommy for most of time, perhaps just except for pregnant. Just a joke, but the Swedish men are indeed versatile.


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