Easter Eggs

Easter egg is a concept recently associated rather with media than with Easter itself, representing hidden, often nerdy content in movies, video games and books, which are usually there as a treat for the true, hard-core fans. Some of the most famous movies have them and some are completely insane.

The name of course originates from the Western tradition of hiding Easter eggs for children to find them, using different hints, and this game is called egg hunt. Among other countries, it is popular in Sweden too.

First, you get a hint, by picking a random note from a box or a hat. For example (see the photo below): “Först blått, sen torrt” / “First wet, then dry”. Then you think. A-ha! The tumble dryer! Then you find it! And OMG! It’s full of stars! I mean — candy!

egg huntIn Serbia, however, we follow another tradition: egg tapping. Or egg battle, as I like to call it. Turns out, egg tapping is popular in many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands, Romania and Bulgaria. But I have yet to meet a Swede who knows of it! 😉

Furthermore, in Serbia we often use onion peel to paint the eggs – simply boil them in water with the peels and they acquire reddish color! I have never tried this myself, but – my family has another egg painting strategy, which includes not only onion peels, but a pair of female pantyhose/tights too! See the procedure below. Everyone’s favorite eggs are of course the blue ones, which, in combination with the onion peel patterns, look like planet Earth.

egg tapSo, dear readers and fellow bloggers, happy Easter / glad Påsk / Христос воскресе! This is a somewhat rare occasion when both catholic/protestant and orthodox Easter fall on the same day, which means more fun for all!

And, if you wonder if this blog post itself contains an Easter egg – why yes it does! A quote from one of the most famous science fiction movies off all times. Give me a nod if you find it 😉

To be continued…

P.S. Easter implications on modern-day dating, explained via How I Met Your Mother:

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