“Life at the speed of light” – SciLifeDay 2014 by SciLifeLab

SciLifeDay April 10th 2014 by SciLifeLab at Aula Medica, KI (with Keynote lectures including Craig Venter, Jan Ellenberg, Janet Thornton & Svante Pääbo!)

When later heard that 800 seats for the event were sold out within few hours since the registration opened on a Friday morning, I felt extremely lucky to get the entry ticket!

As one of the speaker Janet Thornton from EMBL-EBI, UK put it “If I see further, it is because I am standing on the shoulder of infrastructure.” SciLifeLab provides a perfect platform for biomedical researchers in Stockholm.


IMG_0597 (1)

(Opening by Mathis Uhlén and Kerstin Lindblad-Toh)

The speakers for the keynote talks need no introduction. Craig Venter, who is the first to synthetic genome, founder and CEO of Synthetic Genomics, Director of J. Craig Venter Institutet, USA; Mathias Uhlén, from KTH, Director of SciLifeLab, Human Protein Atlas; Jan Ellenberg from EMBL Heidelberg, Germany; Thomas Helleday, Henrik Grönberg, Mats Wahlgren from Karolinska Institutet; Caroline Kampf, Tanja Slotte from Uppsala University; Janet Thornton from EMBL-EBI, UK, and Svante Pääbo from Max Planck Institutet for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany.

Craig Venter presented his journey of “booting up a synethic chromosome and designing a cell from scratch”, and the need for an integrative approach to understand human health and disease. It is actually feel a bit like the setting in Sci-fi movie like “Avatar” when he started talking about the concept of Biological tele-transportation, and “Reconstruction of Alien Life in Secure Labs”!


(Craig Venter’s talk)

Svante Pääbo told the story of modern human origin, and how Neanderthals, Denisovans, Modern Humans are related.


(Svante Pääbo talk)


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