High hills in Stockholm – get a birds view

I love nice views and feeling of having 360 degrees views, they are really good for your energy as well.

There are a few interesting hills in Stockholm with good views that you can walk or run up:

1. Hammarbybacken  – this one is one of the best

2. Högdalstoppen – lies 102 meters high and in the southern part with three peaks.

3. Frösundatoppen (Haga kulle) – Is north of town and close to the wonderful park Hagaparken and Brunnsviken

4. Observatorielunden – Lies close to T-bana Odenplan and is 42 meters high

5. Tantolunden – some nice spots between nice Swedish cottages

(see picture where they are below)

There is a race on the 24:th of may


Here you can see the location of the hills

One thought on “High hills in Stockholm – get a birds view

  1. Nybohov in Liljeholmen is not to forget. Spectacular view over Stockholm with the small lake Trekanten beneath your feet.

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