A day to remember..

‘A Day to Remember’ is an American rock band from Florida, founded in 2003 by…oups, I think I got it wrong.. ūüėõ Let’s start again!

A day to remember is the 14th February 2013! No guys, I will not describe a romantic dinner (hmm, Valentine’s Day in Stockholm, a good idea for a blog). Gee, I’m distracted again..

So, 14th February 2013 was actually the day I arrived in Sweden. Sighhh, what a day… I was super-tired, both emotionally and physically. I said goodbye to all my friends in Boston. I admit it, I ‘shed a tear’..maybe..2(0)? Ok, I was very sad..I had a long transatlantic trip from Boston -Reykjavik- and then…The Venice of the North! The Capital of Scandinavia! Stockholm! Hurrayyy!

From that day I remember three wonderful moments/things that actually made me feel warm and welcomed on my very first day in the city:

1. Stockholm Arlanda Airport! As soon as I exited the plane and headed to the luggage claim area I was captured by a series of pictures with famous faces that greeted me. Loreen (Euphoriaaaa‚ô™‚ôę), Greta Garbo (I didn’t even know she was Swedish) and many more consisted the¬†Hall of Fame Exhibition¬†that said ”Welcome to my hometown”. Not to mention that the airport seemed very modern, clean and big.¬†

Hall of Fame in Arlanda Airport. Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm, says 'hi'
Hall of Fame in Arlanda Airport. Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm, says ‘hi’

2. Suitcase overload! I guess you wonder.. because there is no way this could be a nice moment. However, after 40min ride from airport to Sankt Eriksplan (by bus) I found myself and my three suitcases standing.. alone in the sidewalk. Obviously, I was trying (I think inside of me I was praying a bit, haha) to figure out how on earth I would move all three of them (snow was not making it easy either). I was just sitting there and suddenly I figured a plan (it helps most of the times you know):

”Aha! First, I am gonna move my two suitcases to the corner and then will come back for the third one”. Started dragging my bags and before I manage to go back, a stranger (yes a stranger!) was dragging the third one. No, he was not stealing my stuff! He asked me in Swedish where I wanted to move my things. When he saw that my look was something like ”ah?” (better described as the ‘confused and tired amoeba look’), he kindly repeated in English, again without me asking him to do so. How nice of him to help me. Now I think, I might have seemed really desperate at the time, lol, but in general I do believe that Swedes are very helpful and kind.

3. Tara-ra-ra-ta, tara-ra-ra-ta”. The same night I went out with colleagues to a bar close to Stureplan. As we were talking, a group of boys and girls 25-30 years-old entered the bar laughing, making noise and..singing !? Do you believe it? The rhythm would go like this: ”tara-ra-ra-ta..” and what is more, they would hit their hands on the bar, drink snap-shots and soon after ” tara-ra-ra-ta..” A hilarious situation! Ok, maybe they were a bit tipsy but they were so cute and funny, and in such a good mood that they really made me feel very good.

This was a very good last memory of the day to sleep over…By the way you can listen the song here.


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