Global health stars

If there were anything like “stars” in global health then I would consider Hans Rosling as such, maybe even Bill Gates.

Photo: Gustav Mårtensson

Two very different individuals, with very different backgrounds, from very different countries, with very different experience in global health who – weirdly enough – end up standing together on stage in the new and prestigious Aula Medica at Karolinska Institutet. One of the richest persons on the entire planet and one of the most famous professors in global health are playing with LEGO®, laughing, talking, and painting a picture of health in the world today.

This is yet another time that I realise that even the “stars” are normal people and that even Bill Gates can have troubles with a Windows computer.

Finally, what makes them sparkle is that their passion – through knowledge – is contagious. And I hope it will spread.

Please watch how The world is getting better.

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