Close Encounter with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Annual Meeting

On March 31st, I got a chance to attend the 2014 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Annual meeting in concert hall, where the Nobel Prize has been awarded since 1926.

This annual meeting consists of 4 lectures and about 20 prizes award ceremony, the King of Sweden-Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia also presented this grand event.

Cocktail party before opening04Here I met the most famous scientist in China-Prof. Yigong Shi. He is the laureate of Gregori Aminoff 2014, the first Chinese who get this prize since it was founded in 1979.DSC_0041_副本It started!!  The King and Queen also arrived07The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the Aminoff Prize to Shi for his groundbreaking crystallographic studies of proteins and protein complexes that tegulate programmed cell death.09Currently, Shi is the dean of school of life science and medicine, Tsinghua University. Before returning to China in 2008, he was the youngest professor in Princeon University. He has been regarded as the bellwether of Chinese scientist in life science and medicine.1011King of Sweden handed hima dilploma and a medal.12Some wonderful interlude performances were also included.DSC_0077DSC_0108New members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences!DSC_0117As a following program of the Aminoff Prize, Prof. Shi come to KI to give a lecture in MBB. He introduced his studies of combining X-ray crystal structural biology and biochemistry to systematically investigate the regulatory mechanism of apoptosis. His group clearly elucidated a series of molecular processes in apoptotic pathways, and one novel drug for cancer based on his discovery have been translated into phase II clinical trials.01It is indeed a precious chance to get the closest touch with these TOP scientists, and it must be an unforgettable experience in my science career. Perhaps I need to prepare a tux, because there are so many possibilities to attend these ceremonies even for Nobel Prize. Action now!!DSC_0134

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