Scientist’s life in other eyes

In the real world of a researcher, we might have a lot of frustration in many aspects:  frequent encounter of failed experiments, non-ending worries of the future because of the unstable employment. But how do the outsiders see us? We might get other inspiring perspective of researchers’ lives.

Interview with a non-researcher: My boyfriend Z.

1 What is your response when you hear about the word “scientist” or “researcher”?

Z: I have huge respect! Because of their knowledge, curiosity, the possibility to make huge changes and contribution for the prosperity of humanity. All my life I dream about science.

2 In your imagination, what is the researcher’s life should be look like?

Z: They sit in a lab or office, contemplate a lot, read a lot, hopefully they collaborate a lot. I think now days the human acquired knowledge is huge, one can be good only in a narrow area. To be creative and productive, one need to be broader. One should collaborate with competent people around. Generally, science life is about hard work and with the latent masochism enjoy the path that leads to the results.

3 Do you see any difference of my life (as a researcher) from your imagination?

Z: It is not much difference, you are a real scientist, you are thinking a lot, read lot, collaborating, analysing the results – and sharing/publishing with the audience at the end – in hope it will be useful for other inventions.

4 What is your response when you do not understand the project when a scientist describes what he/she is doing?

Z: I will ask them to slow down, trying to explain for us non professionals as popular science. If someone is a master of the area, he/she is able to explain the topic with human words even for non experts without using too many fancy scientific terms. Those who lack communication abilities or simply have short of knowledge cannot explain things easily and hide their incompetence behind unreachable scientific terminology.

5 Have you influenced by a researcher somehow?

Z: Example of hard working and scientific success.

6 What do you mean scientific success?

Z: Intellectual contribution to humanity. I have huge respect for the scientists who are devoted to what they do. Soon or later the common knowledge reaches that level and most of the scientific work is integrated into the collective consciousness.

7 Do you have any question for me?

Z: How can a scientist be happy with an ordinary guy with me (a non-scientist)?

Me: :-O! 😀 the truth is, you are the most intelligent and curious guy I ever seen! Who is constantly being active both mentally and physically. I am sharing a life, not work with you. I enjoy the sweetness and a caring heart.

3 thoughts on “Scientist’s life in other eyes

  1. Clearly your boyfriend and you have mutual respect for each other.
    I like the comment about communication skills – if a scientist can take a lab topic and discuss with his/her non-science friend, not only will the scientist be able to elevate the awareness of the research, he/she may get some different perspectives about the research work ( most probably won’t be of much help but you never know, one may be intriguing and help an ultimate breakthrough)!

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